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Ban Thai Guesthouse, Sukhothai, Thailand

Home from home...

sunny 33 °C

Having booked this place blindly, using a nameless hotel website (The sceptic in me always doubts those reviews!), I was instantly amazed at the warm and friendly welcome. Being more used to those we find in Europe, I kind of expected the usual derisory grunts, but no, smiles and warmth all-round.

My room's a reasonable size, but it's almost wholly consumed by the doubled bed, meaning that I have to assume a crab-like stance when trying to get from point A to point B. Not an issue, as it's just me! I must make a video though :)

I was relieved to have a room all to myself, following sleepless experiences in Bangkok (squeaky bunks, snoring room mates, and a silent ninja who switched off the air conditioner in the still of the night, curse him/her!).

No breakfast came with the room, so I ordered the Thai muesli for 100baht. Expensive by local standards, but I really couldn't be arsed to look elsewhere. Gosh, a huge helping of nuts, fruit, home-made yoghurt! Filling, I'll say. Alas, the accompanying coffee let it down, as it was instant, and weak.

The ladies running the place are amazing: warm, friendly, amenable, and generous. They're darlings!

After 3 nights thus far, I recommend this place. Still loads of couples, mind ;)

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A fish out of water?

travels in a world of couples

sunny 32 °C

Having set off from the grey, rainy shores of the UK on New Year's Eve, landing in Thailand the following day, one thing struck me: there seem to be no travellers of the solo persuasion left on this lovely planet.

Everywhere I go (OK, only 3 cities thus far!), I've met not a solitary solitary face! Just myself when I gaze into the mirror at my scarily line-etched reflection. Is it really just me? Are there no other brave/stupid souls traversing the world by themselves?

Of course, it's not a bad thing, but you know, part of the buzz of travel is meeting new people, and when confronted by a couple or group, you instantly feel rejected. Again, maybe it's just me, but I'd feel like I'm interfering in some intimate gathering. Forever the gooseberry...

So, if you're in Thailand, and you happen upon a bedraggled solo backpacker, spare a thought and open your collective arms: embrace him!

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